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....... SCHEDULE 2002
In 2002, August 1st was created and approved a schedule 2002
at the first meeting of the Committee.
This schedule contains following articles:
  • Determinate of activities of the Committee
  • Survey and risks categorize of problems of contamination of soil, water and plants by pesticides and other contaminants
  • Priority setting relate to its usefulness
  • Search and survey of external experts and create of relevant database
  • Analyses of information sources of isks based on the activities of Committee members and external experts
  • Establish cooperation with experts in European Union
  • Specify research priorities in the Czech Republic relate to the actual problems with food safety
....... SCHEDULE 2003
Members of Committee came to an agreement on several items
on the Committee agenda for 2003.
In principle, these items continue and develop
the work of Committee in 2002.

  1. In the Czech Republic, to observe research activities, whose results can be employed by the European Union and governmental control in the course of risk management.

  2. Searching and surveying of external experts and creation of their database, and up-to-dating of this database.

  3. To arrange a summit of president, vice-president, a work meeting Scientific Committees members in order to mutually harmonize all activities and specify the way of cooperation, especially in interdisciplinary areas.

  4. To analyze priorities declared in 6th Framework Program of the European Union, especially relate to "Food Quality and Safety" in order to project all relevant aspects to the activities of Committee. To coordinately establish cooperation with EU experts.

  5. In cooperation with Czech Academy of Agrarian Sciences to arrange one-day colloquium on "Risks of harmful plant organisms and pesticide residues on human and animal health and environment".

  6. To participate on workshop "Organic Agriculture Food Quality" (Feb. 7, 2003, held in Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, as a part of the EU project - Flair Flow) - chance to discuss production systems.

  7. Mapping and categorization risks problems and potentially harmful factors influencing on human health.
    - Utilization of data obtained from monitoring programs carried out by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health.

  8. Determination of problems priority for 2003 relate to their current needs.

  9. Analysis informational sources of data based on the activities of Committee members and external fellow-workers.
    • Legislation and food safety. Compilation and specification of terms and terminology.
    • Biotic risks of harmful organisms and their products in environment, agricultural production and plant products.
    • Pest-risk evaluation, propagation.
    • Non-biotic hazard (pesticides, heavy metals) and rate of current risks in environment, agriculture production and plant products.
    • Possibilities of restriction of biotic and non-biotic risks in plant products and environment.
    • Food safety and chemical agents handling in agriculture.
    • Foods, international terrorism and food safety in the Czech Republic.
    • Food safety, legislation and GMO.
    • Utilization of system analysis principles for evaluation of risks.