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... PROJECTS 2002

In 2002 the Committee approved 13 smaller projects which were given to several experts to work them out. The number and topic of these projects were chosen as large as possible. Results of these projects will provide to the Committee to classify the risks and hazards, risk communication and actual problems.

There are three particular objectives of results. The first is risk communication, i.e. questions related to GMO (projects No. 2 and 7). These projects are to solve current problems with floods and provide the suitable recommendation, there can be placed questions related to the problems with heavy metals, recommended and registered sanitation preparative, etc. (project No. 1, 3, 10 and 12). The last objective of these projects is classification of risk and hazards related to the cultivating of plant and food, crude and crops storing (projects No. 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9) and soil contamination (projects No. 11 and 13).

Project No. 1 - The Actual Safety Sheets of Disinsection and Disinfestation Preparatives for Sanitation of Agricultural and Food-processing Industry that Were Stroked by Flood (For Farmers and DDD Workers)
Project No. 2 - GMO & Food Safety: Communication of Risk and Relevant Legislation in Various States
Project No. 3 - Risk Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Agrarian Ecosystem
Project No. 4 - Mycotoxins Incidence in Cereals Produced in Czech Republic Related to the Agrotechnical Measure
Project No. 5 - Mycotoxins, Their Occurrence in Comodities, Products and Feeds of Plant Origin
Project No. 6 - Yield Stability and Species Diversity of Arable Crop-Plants on the Territory of the Czech Republic During Last 80 Years of 20th Century
Project No. 7 - Potential Risk Areas of Genetically Modified Products
Project No. 8 - Problematic of Negative Impact on Field Crops of Intensive Chemical Control
Project No. 9 - Influence of Pesticides on Phytopatogenic Fungi
Project No. 10 - Immission Stress Summary of Agrarian Ecosystem by Selected Preferred Organic Pollutants
Project No. 11 - Potatoes risk growing in soils contaminated by heavy metals
Project No. 12 - Catalogue of "Safety Sheets" and Disinfectants for decontamination of agricultural and food-processing plants affected by floods
Project No. 13 - Heavy Metals and Their Occurrence in the Soils During Reclamation
... List of Projects 2003
Project No. 1 - Creation and administration of Committee web sites
Project No. 2 - "Safety Sheets" (part 1): Disinfection
Project No. 3 - "Safety Sheets" (part 2a): Disinection and extermination
                       - "Safety Sheets" (part 2b): Creation of digital database
Project No. 4 - Soil contamination by trace elements and its influence on food chain
Project No. 5 - Destination of plant control agents in human food chain
Project No. 6 - Utilization of gene-toxic tests for supervising of agrarian products, foods, and samples of environment
Project No. 7 - Reaction of domestic crops with external influences during last 80 years
Project No. 8 - Possibilities for using of safe and trustful production systems
Project No. 9 - Influence of arbuscular mycorrhize on heavy metals reception
Project No. 10 - Longer-term perspective of biological weed control by dipterous to restrict pesticides in use
Project No. 11 - Summary and occurrence of significant plant allergent varieties relate to public
Project No. 12 - Food and water risks contamination by herbicides
Project No. 13 - Mycotoxins in agricultural production in association with agrarian ecosystem: Comparative study
Project No. 14 - Products quality coming from organic agriculture relate to the stage of agrarian ecosystem in the storages and fields
Project No. 15 - Mycotoxins - the stage of their occurrence in agricultural products and feeds in the Czech Republic and Europe
Project No. 16 - Long-term utilization perspective of soil microorganisms for rising plant products safety
Project No. 17 - Possibilities for reduction of risks elements entering into eatable parts of plants
Project No. 18 - Microbiological characterization of fresh fruits and vegetables
Project No. 19 - Glyco-alkaloids in potatoes and other commodities
Project No. 20 - Nitrates, nitrites and nitrosamines in potatoes for direct use and food production