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The significance of the "safe food" topic has been increasing in Europe. European Commission has achieved a fundamental reorganization of the whole system of food safety due to several significant crises (see BSE scandal, mycotoxins, etc.). The instrument of new European policy became an independent European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), its main objective is providing independent consultant service (on scientific basis) to the European Union in the sphere of food safety. The Authority's activity includes independent consultant service, information gathering and analysis, direct communication with the consumers. Members of EU were called to co-operate with EFSA and to create consecutive security systems. The Czech Republic was asked to establish a national system of food safety in connection with its induction to the EU. A Coordinative group and Scientific committees have been established as a part of the national system relate to the existing government establishment and authorities of public health protection.

In the second half of 2002 was established one of four scientific Committees - The Scientific Committee on Phytosanitary and Environment (further "Committee" only). This committee is to gather information, analyze and predict the problems in the sphere of food safety. The Committee solves problems relate to:

1. agricultural production, import and export of agricultural crude or products and the phyto-quarantine,
2. food safety problems rising as a consequent disturbances of the environment.
These WebPages were created as a contribution to communication of risks and hazards with public.
Ing. Václav Stejskal, Ph.D.
President of the Committee
UP-DATING: 8. 5. 2007